Monday, September 1, 2008

Jazz Wars

Original post date:  6/14/07

I have a voice and an instrument in an infinitely large jazz orchestra and choir combo. I'm simultaneously a conductor and a member. I want to play my solo, be able to 'outplay' those in the orchestra that aren't playing what I like, and want to surround myself with harmonious synchcophants in my section. Sometimes I follow others, sometimes I attempt to influence the other players to play what I'm playing, or work with them to create a new piece. I like to hear what the other sections are playing, even if I don't like what they're doing, to give me something to play off of. Other times I want to hear someone solo (including myself). Some other sections I just like to listen to, without playing anything for a while. Other times I just let go and let all of it come in at the same level and listen for some common theme in the white noise, then play that melody.

Nothing in Web 2.0 allows me to do this.
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