Tuesday, June 12, 2007

An Online Type Indicator

If you're curious about your own Jungian Type, there's a version of an indicator online that's free to take. It's not the "official" Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, but I've found it to be a pretty good version.

Remember, the MBTI (and other versions) are an objective attempt at a subjective psychological system. Jung only intended his system to be one of empirical description, not causal prescription. The MBTI is a tool like a compass is to the terrain (actual psychological processes) and a map (the description of said psychological processes), and ultimately only you can say where you are.

If you *do* take this indicator, please don't tell me your results! I'm pretty good at Type watching and try to guess others' Type as I get to know someone before it's revealed to me. When you get your results, note both the numerical 'score' as well as the polarity preference somewhere. I'm providing the link now to give everyone a personal reference to the general discussion.

If we were in one of my lectures, you would have taken the indicator beforehand, then picked your preferences after the descriptions were presented, and then you'd be given your results to compare. It's suggested you take the indicator before you read any further about the mental functions to prevent any confirmation bias in the results. Ultimately, only you can truly know your Type, no matter what any 'objective' indicator says.
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