Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thoughts Illustrated: Logic+Emotion

Thoughts Illustrated: Logic+Emotion - moving the needle on the Experience -O-Meter

All of the slides in this presentation seem to parallel jungian mental functions!

The author labels it emotion, but if you substitute the jungian mental function name Feeling (which in modern language would be labeled Values), he's applying Thinking logic and Feeling values. This supports the notion that both are needed, and that some people will prefer one over the other but all need a little bit of both.

He also parallels the difference between Sensing and iNtution in a few slides.

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Slide 8:
plan/improvise = agile creativity
Je/Ji = transcendent judgment

facts/ideas = agile planning
Sensing/iNtuition = transcendent perception

Jung called the union of polar opposite functions the 'transcendent' function. David calls it 'agile'.
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