Friday, July 6, 2007

Omnicast (Hyper)Cube

Continuing a conversation with David from his blog entry on Thoughts Illustrated

I'm still graphing specific existant technologies on each face of the cube as I research and discover them. This cube represents 3 axis -

casting, or push technologies;
catching, or pull technologies, and
timing, or synchronicity technologies.

I think it's important to graph what exists to find the natural gaps to fill, and to possibly create a unified application.

The reason why I think this is valuable, is that with an intellgent Omnicaster all I have to do is Extravert content, and the Omnicaster would intelligently figure out which technology would be the ideal protocol to use for which (un)intended recipient.

If I want to Extravert my discovery of a new website, the Omnicaster would

1) figure out how excited about it I am, and pick the appropriate highest level of transmission (IM?)
2) figure out who would immediately care and deliver it to the recipient via *their* preferred method of reception (RSS feed), and eventually work its way down the chain (to my delicious bookmarks, to a blog, or a website aggregator like slashdot)
3) figure out if it needs to adjustably override the recipients preferred method of reception to something higher (upgrade to an email, or in an emergency, an IM)

There are four additional axis not graphed that could be included, and I surely don't intend for these additional ones to be the exhaustive list (refer to my previous blog posts about dimensionality for even more).
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