Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Facebook | Interactive Friends Graph

Facebook Interactive Friends Graph

There are dozens of social networking visualization tools like this on the web, and there's a great website/blog at that shows hundreds more. Mu, with its graphic interface, would be enabled to show any of these visualizations with plugins of various kinds and be socially interactive at the same time, which none of these are - they're simply pretty pictures. I can't click on these circles and interact with the people behind them. I can't go their blogs, or view my interactivity with them in the past, or initiate an IM session, or create a chat session within my "inner circle", or call up their profile, or broadcast the equivalent of a twitter tweet (which is nothing more than an IM:CC, or anycast txt message) - and we sure as #$*%%$ wouldn't have to deal with and it's constant downage or inability to change notification status problems.
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