Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rage against the machine

or... why I hate Social Networking Web 2.0 and all the damn hype...

1) it's not social - really, where are the synchronous multi-user "chat rooms?" are we stuck using a half-broken half-duplexy manually-refreshed one-dimensional thing like Twitter and claiming it to be a 2.0 version of a 40 year old 1.0 chat room?

2) networking within a silo isn't really networking, and why does it all have to be done so publicly? my social network isnt everyone's business, and there's no way for me to segregate it.

3) the world wide web was created for documents, not people. stop shoehorning one purpose into another and claiming that metadata about people are actually the people themselves. they're not.

4) since everything is in perpetual beta (and doesn't work well even for a beta), it's hardly 1.5, let alone 2.0. when your service is ready for primetime baby, call me. otherwise, pay a code checker.

5) I belong to every social networking site I can find, and met more people in a one hour chat room session than all of those networking sites combined. a chat room format that is 40 years old.
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