Thursday, May 20, 2010

Amplify and Four Views

Eric Goldstein recently revealed new features being added at and I referenced the Room with Four Views in regards to the various conversation streams that could be possibly viewed. I tried to write a full description but it was too stream of consciousness and really needed a graphic, so here it is:

Posts (blue) are just the posts themselves, sans displayed comments (a spring, to extend the "stream" metaphor). The stream and/or a profile is posts+comments (blue-grey), while comments (grey) are the bridges between the four quandrants, "leaks" so to speak in the streams. I guess what I've nicknamed the "Amplifile" would be a torrent, or a rapid. ;-)

I struggled on the placement of "Featured Ampsters (Posters)" and decided that while it ontologically fits on the Global quadrant (lower right) it made sense to put it in the center, the focal point.

So it's clear, the quadrants are:

1) Private view (upper left) - My posts
2) Empathetic view (upper right) - Another's posts
3) Peer view (lower right) - Others' posts (includes your own)
4) Global view (lower left) - All posts
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